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History-Social Science

Welcome to the TRUSD History-Social Science web site. 
The mission of TRUSD History-Social Science is to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment where critical reading, writing, and thinking, along with civic engagement, are practiced within all the disciplines of social science.
The vision of TRUSD History-Social Science is to hold an unwavering focus on preparing all students for active, thoughtful, and purposeful civic participation in our society.
As TRUSD social science teachers, we commit to
- learn about our students in order to make all content relatable and success achievable
- model perseverance, high expectations, curiosity, empathy, and civic engagement, so that our students can see themselves as social scientists
- inspire our students to practice inquiry and literacy within our classrooms
- engage in a learning community to share best practices, remain goal-oriented, and continue to focus on our mission and vision

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World History

U.S. History


American Government


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Here you will find information and resources regarding this year's common writing assessments.

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