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Elementary PE K-6

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TRUSD recognizes the positive benefits of physical activity for student health and academic achievement and encourages each student to take advantage of the various opportunities for physical activity offered by the district. 

Students will have access to a standards-based, high-quality PE curriculum taught by a highly-qualified teacher. The PE curriculum should address the diverse cultural backgrounds that students represent.
  • Teachers will receive professional development in PE content, student assessment and curriculum evaluation.
  • Schools will provide instruction and facilities/equipment to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in PE/physical activity.
  • Students will receive the mandated number of minutes* of physical activity through their PE classes Grades 1-6 200 minutes every 10 school days
  • Site administrators are required to build these mandated minutes into their master schedules. These PE minutes are exclusive of recess. 
BP 5030 Student Wellness
EC 51210 Elementary PE Minutes
 Every K-6 Teacher has Access to Digital Curriculum
California Content Standard and Unit/Lesson Alignment By Grade:
SPARK Alignment to Common Core State Standards: