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Office at Home

Through our partnership with Microsoft, Twin Rivers is pleased to provide five free copies of Microsoft Office on your home/personal PC or Mac, plus five copies on Tablets, and five copies for mobile phones.

To download Microsoft Office on your personal computer please click the appropriate links below to download and run the Office installation file. You will be prompted during installation to provide your Twin Rivers email address and password to activate your installation.
Please DO NOT install this version on a Twin Rivers District computer!

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1. Download the Office installation files from the links above.
2. Run the downloaded installation file and follow the on screen instructions.
3. You will be prompted to activate your Office installation using your Twin Rivers credentials. Provide your Twin Rivers address at this time.
Activate Office messageL To activate Office, enter the email address that's associated with your Office subscription - Next - Enter a product key instead (link) - Privacy statement
4. Choose "Work account" when prompted.
We Need a Little More Help message: Activate Office messageL To activate Office, enter the email address that's associated with your Office subscription - Microsoft accout: sign in with the account you use for OneDrive, Xbox LIVE,, or other Miccrosoft services. - or Work account: Sign in with the accocunt provided by your work, school, or university - Next - Enter a product key instead (link) - Privacy statement
5. Sign in with your Twin Rivers credentials. Do not check the box labelled "Keep me signed in" on any shared computer.
Sign in message: User ID: - Password - Keep me signed in. Sing in button. Can't access your account? Copyright Microsoft Corporation - Privacy - Legal
6. Follow any remaining prompts to complete Office installation. After installation, your new Microsoft Office programs will be available on your Start menu.
Office message: You're good to go. We're all done, and you can go offline if you need to. Enjoy! All done button.

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Microsoft has developed an online resources that provides training on the applications within Microsoft Office. If you have questions about a specific application, or just want to learn how to use an application, please see Microsoft’s resource by clicking or going to :

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Q. What if I need help or technical support?
A. As this is a free offer Twin Rivers is not able to provide technical support on home computers or Office home installations. However, these installation files are provided directly from Microsoft and additional support information may be found online here:

Q. Can I install this on my classroom computers, or other District owned devices?
A. No. There are minute differences in the version of Office we use within the District and installing on a District computer will cause office to not work correctly. DO NOT install the Office at home version on your district or classroom computers.

Q. Can I move one of my Office home licenses to a new home computer? What if my computer crashes, can I re-install?
A. Yes, you will need to de-activate your old installation first using these instructions.

Q. Can I let my family members use my Office at Home programs?
A. Your Office at Home installation is tied to your Twin Rivers district login. You should only install it on computers you trust. If you choose to install on a computer where you do not want your work files accessible, you will need to sign out of all Twin Rivers services on that computer. This prevents others from inadvertently accessing your work files.

Q. Does our license for Office at Home last forever?
A. Twin Rivers is able to offer this program through our partnership with Microsoft. It is valid for the duration of our Microsoft partnership and while you remain an employee of the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

If for any reason there is a change to our program, or if you leave Twin Rivers employment, your installed copies of Microsoft Office will prompt you to purchase your own copy of Microsoft Office within 30 days.

Q. What if I already have Office, Office 365, or OneDrive installed at home, will this conflict?
A. If you have Office 2013 or an older version at home, you should be prompted to upgrade during installation. If you have a personal OneDrive or Office 365 at home, you should still be able to sign in the same way you currently do.
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