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Contract & E-Rate Services

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Contracting & e-rate services serves the entire district, both on the certificated and classified sides of the house in the negotiation, drafting, execution and approval of many types of contracts. Service agreements, consulting agreements, technology licenses, curriculum procurement agreements, curriculum licenses, inter-agency memorandums of understanding (MOU), leases, special education MOUs, architect and other professional services agreements and university affiliate/field training agreements are all within our purview.  

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Most people have questions about contracts. What is a Services Agreement, and when do you need to enter into one? What are MOUs, licenses, and joint use agreements? Is it OK to just sign the other company’s contract? Is it OK to use a purchase requisition to obtain a software license? You may be unsure if a written agreement is needed, and what type of agreement is appropriate. And you may wonder how long the process will take, and who can actually sign the agreement.
These pages are designed to answer your questions, and to provide tools to guide you through the contract process. Forms are listed under Contract Documents. Flowcharts and a quick PowerPoint slide presentation, showing the steps to complete a contract, are provided under Contact Process.
We are here at your service! If you don’t find an answer here, you can always call or email us for help, or ask us to create the contract for you.

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In addition to our “headline” services, the Contracting & E-Rate Dept. is closely involved in the preparation, drafting and issuance of District bids and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and other District solicitations, working closely with the District Purchasing Dept. 


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